Essential Life Skills (Grades 6-12)

by CoachHuber
teach your 6th-12th grade athlete the skills they need
to excel in every area of life!

Who Should Enroll In This Course?

This course is designed for all athletes (any sport, any gender) in Grades 6-12. This course will help athletes to:

Build A Strong Foundation

Create Habits

Experience Transformation

Most parents want to help their child develop strong character and life skills, but often don’t know the best way to do it.

We created the "24-Week Essential Life Skills" course to give your athlete the tips and tools they need to develop the skill sets to succeed in life in an easy, entertaining and actionable format

We want you to feel confident about the role you play in your child’s character and life skills development and you can do that by using our life skill training strategies. With this course, you can help your child develop strong character and life skills that will make you proud.

What Will Athletes Learn in the "24-Week Essential Life Skills" Program (Grades 6-12)?

This comprehensive 24-week program will focus on a variety of topics to help your 6th-12th grade athlete excel in all areas. Each week, we will focus on one topic with 5 short lessons related to the topic. In this course, they will learn:

How Does This Course Work?

This 4D Athletes course is a 24-week online program that covers topics like decision making, gratitude, setting worthy goals, creating better habits, and much more.

On the first 5 days of each week, there is a short 10-minute lesson that includes an entertaining short video, lesson description, and easy to do action steps that lead to phenomenal results.

All you need to get started is a device (computer or tablet preferred) and internet access.


  1. Log in to the 4D Member’s Area
  2. Watch the short 10-minute video (5 days per week)
  3. Read the lesson details
  4. Complete the daily action steps
  5. At the end of each week, complete the weekly review and reflection exercises

It's simple. Follow the program. Do the work. Then, experience the incredible transformation!

We are 100% confident athletes that follow this program will experience incredible changes both in and out of their sport!

What Are The Training Videos Like?

This video is an example of the daily videos you will be receiving throughout the course. This is the full video from Day 3 of Week 10 on the topic of "You Are Never Too Old or Too Cool to Show Gratitude."

Check out the video to sample a video for yourself. Each video is accompanied with a summary and a daily action plan.

What's Included With the Program?

This 24-week online program can be purchased individually or as part of a discounted bundle. (Click the link below to check out our special bundle pricing.)

Here is what you will get when you enroll in this single course today:

  • 24-week online program targeted to 6th grade level and up
  • Quick Start Guide for Athletes & Parents
  • Short, entertaining daily videos and transcripts (5 days each week)
  • Daily action items to reinforce the lesson of the day (5 days each week)
  • Weekly review and reflections
  • Reminder notifications and emails to help you stay on track
  • “The 4D Athletes Essential Life Skills Guide” eBook (Download & save the pdf for permanent access)
  •  Self-assessment at beginning and end of program to measure progress
  • Weekly quizzes for accountability
  • Access to the 4D Athletes Private Online Community 
  • User access for one athlete

This course is perfect for individuals or families looking for a fun, simple and affordable way to teach 6th-12th grade athletes the essential life skills that are key to creating a life of success both in and out of athletics.

NOTE: Access to the course and members area will expire 7 months from date of purchase. This gives you an entire extra month of access to review what you have learned for free.

Individual Enrollment Price

$ 197
One Time Payment
  • No enrollment fees
  • No additional charges
  • Life changing lessons for less than $33 per month!
Great Value!
How Long Will I Have Access to the Program?

This course is designed with short simple videos and actions items to follow each week over the course of 24 weeks. With your paid purchase, you will get access to the program for a total of 7 months at which time your members course access will expire. That means you get 4 weeks to catch up or go back over parts of the course for free!

Your access will expire 7 months after the date of purchase. (Team plans may have different terms based on the needs of the organization. These will be outlined in your team plan proposal.)

What Is Your Refund Policy?

The "24-Week Essential Life Skills" course is such an incredible program with so much amazing content at such an affordable price, we don't think you will want to leave. We encourage you to use the "Quick Start Guides" and complete each of the assigned activities to ensure you are getting the most out of the program. We also have the private 4D Athletes Community within your member's access area where you can ask questions and get additional support.

However, if you do need to cancel for any reason, we have a 30-day money back guarantee for our individual and bundle purchases. Simply contact us at the support email address from within your 4D Athletes member's area to submit your refund request.

For groups and teams, please refer to your 4D Athletes proposal for all terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations.

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