Karen Moyer: How do we create meaningful relationships both in and out of sports?

by CoachHuber


This episode is about what it takes to create authentic and loving relationships through the power of sports. We talk about some of the universal principles that successful relationships have in common that create significant impact in the lives of others

In this episode, Jim and Jason are joined by Karen Moyer. She has always been a hopeful entrepreneur, a tireless philanthropist/national advocate for children and yet what she loves most of all is being a mother of 8. Her hope is that her children learn from her that they have to find their passion, that they have a purpose and to always try to make the world a better place.

Her grit and perseverance has been powered by learning from others and from her own failures and accomplishments with the utmost grace … even when the deep truth was that it was all way much harder than she let it show most of the time.

She was the first girl to play little league baseball and playing with all boys made her appreciate the grit it takes when one has the confidence to do something extreme. Her athletic skills helped me from being made fun of but the boys were ruthless – especially from the pressure they made her feel every at bat and in the field. Determined, She had the courage to be the first girl to play because She was supported by her parents, brother, and her team of boys.

In High School She decided to work in television sports. Her dream was to be a sports reporter. This was in the 1980s when few women were pioneering this progression. The grit and backbone she needed to stay focused again in a “man’s world,” was imperative to have any success. She set goals to work the Olympics on TV and She started that dream 1988 in Calgary with ABC working figure skating setting up the skaters in the “kiss and cry” for the amazing Peggy Fleming to interview after their performance.

She attended the University of Notre Dame. She is an ‘87 grad and studied American Studies for television. She worked in the sports information department all 4 years, as well as interned at NBC NFL 84 in NYC after freshman year; worked local TV through graduation. While her TV dream was put on hold (basically for life) because She married into the up and down life of MLB moving 84 times in the 25 year amazing career of Jamie Moyer.

She currently lives in Southern California. When she’s not helping people find love reimagined, making connections and building corporate responsible programs for companies, She can be found in spin class, Pilates, boxing, walking her dogs on the beach, sailing around the world, or hanging out with her amazing kids … Making every day ridiculously amazing!


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