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We know what you want most is for your athlete to reach their full potential. With more than 37 years of combined coaching experience, we’ve identified and worked with hundreds of athletes who were not learning essential life skills.  Not learning these skills holds athletes back from being consistent and reaching their highest potential.  If your athlete is having trouble and you are struggling with finding the right resources, we are here to assist!

We are passionate about coaching.  However, we are even more excited about guiding coaches, parents, and athletes through the process of integrating essential life skills into sports and everyday life. We’d be honored to work with you, too!

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Coach Jim Huber
Coach Jason Holzer

What does it mean to be a 4D Athlete?

4D Athletes is founded on the concept that we need to develop the ENTIRE athlete by developing awareness and growth through all four dimensions:

As coaches and parents…

we understand how helpless you feel when you can’t figure out why your athlete is struggling. If you just knew how to get them to do the things they know how to do, everything would be so much easier.

As personal development coaches…

we believe you should have the tools you need to get your athlete to reach their full potential. We know that our current educational systems don’t emphasize teaching essential life skills.  With 4D Athletes, you can:

Why 4D Athletes?

Parents and coaches often feel frustrated and overwhelmed when their athlete is inconsistent, lacking self-confidence, ineffectively managing emotions, not being a leader and more. At 4D Athletes, we offer a complete “one of a kind” program that uses sports as a vehicle to instill essential life skills that every athlete needs to know in order to become confident, self-sufficient and empowered.    

Check out the video to learn more.


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