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Emotional Struggles

As an athlete, do you struggle
with poor confidence, lack of motivation
or managing emotions?


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Lack of Quality Resources

As a parent, are you tired
of feeling frustrated
and helpless?


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Inconsistent Performance

As a coach, do you
wish your athletes would
perform consistently both in
and out of the sport?

Sports should be
about more than
just winning!

Take your athletic experience to a
whole new level!

Coaches & Athletic Directors:

We understand that it can be a struggle dealing with the negative emotions of athletes.  You are likely dealing with athletes that are performing inconsistently on the team and making poor choices outside of the sport.

You have limited time, tools, support and resources available to implement meaningful changes in your program that help address all these concerns.

How can you do more?

How can you be a coach that makes positive changes in your athletes that will serve them well beyond the years they play on your team? As an Athletic Director, how do you ensure your program stands out and makes a lasting impact on your athletes?

We are here for you! We are coaches that have been there and have spent over 30+ years implementing essential life skills training into athletic programs. We have done the work, so you don't have to!


We know you spend a significant amount of time and money pursuing sports with your kids.  You are likely spending thousands of dollars on team fees, uniforms, gear, overnight travel, physical therapy, specialized trainers and more every year.

Then, one day, your kid decides they are burnt out and want to quit before they even finish high school.

Is all that time and money wasted? Not anymore! 
With our program, you can pair your kid’s athletic experience with learning essential life skills they will use for the rest of their lives!  As an added bonus, many parents report that they experienced personal transformation themselves as they walked their athlete through the 4D Athletes learning journey.


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Register for the program.

(Schedule a consult for
group or team pricing.)

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Learn the skills.

Watch the daily videos
and do the daily action steps.

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Experience the transformation.

Experience confident, self-motivated
and empowered athletes.

What Makes This Program Unique?

It's all about working together as a team: parents, coaches, and athletes.


Teach Your 2nd-5th Grader the Essential Life Skills

Experience extraordinary results with simple daily action steps and lessons.

Teach Your 6th-12th Grader the Essential Life Skills

Experience extraordinary results with simple daily action steps and lessons.

Learn How To Navigate Your Athlete Through Sports

Ensure you and your athlete get the best experience out of sports.

Learn How To Be A Transformational Coach

Mentor your athletes in ways that will produce long-term success, even outside of the sport.